Holders of Unclaimed Financial Assets

Note New online services

We are launching new online services to make it easier to remit unclaimed financial assets (UFAs) and make payments regarding them.

Therefore, starting spring 2023, UFAs can be remitted directly in My Account for businesses, using either an online service or an XML file.

Note that, effective spring 2023, holders required to remit 10 UFAs or more will have to do so online. If you are not yet registered for My Account for businesses, register now!

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Holders of unclaimed financial assets are persons and organizations that have been unable to find the owner or right-holder of such assets and that either owe an amount to the owner or right-holder or are holding property on the owner's or right-holder's behalf. Holders of unclaimed financial assets are subject to the Unclaimed Property Act and must remit the unclaimed assets in their possession to us.

If you hold unclaimed financial assets and want to know how to remit them, see the Guide for Holders: Unclaimed Financial Assets (BD-81.5.G-V).

Applying for the cancellation or waiver of late-remittance interest

You can apply for the cancellation or waiver of interest you are required to pay under the Unclaimed Property Act if you could not remit the property by the prescribed deadline due to:

  1. an exceptional situation beyond your control, such as:
    • a natural disaster (flood or fire),
    • a postal service interruption, 
    • major computer system problems,
    • a serious illness, death or other situation that prevents you from performing your usual duties;
  2. an action attributable to Revenu Québec, such as:
    • an error in the documents provided by Revenu Québec or in the information Revenu Québec communicated verbally or in writing,
    • an undue delay in processing the file;
  3. your inability to pay the late-remittance interest owing, as demonstrated by a complete financial analysis of your situation.
Note Remittance incentive for unclaimed financial assets

A new temporary remittance incentive for unclaimed financial assets came into effect on June 1, 2022. For more information, see Remittance Incentive for Unclaimed Financial Assets.

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You must apply for the cancellation or waiver of interest within three years of the date of the request for payment of late-remittance interest.

How to apply for the cancellation or waiver

Send us a written application explaining your situation along with supporting documents, either by email to produits-financiers@revenuquebec.ca or by mail to:

Direction principale des biens non réclamés
Revenu Québec
500, boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, 10e étage 
Montréal (Québec)  H2Z 1W7

If you are not satisfied with our decision regarding your application, you can ask for a review. To do so, send an explanation of why you believe the decision is unfair or unfounded to the address on the letter we sent you informing you of our decision.


The decision on a request for review is not subject to appeal. It can therefore not be contested in any way.

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