Holders of Unclaimed Financial Assets

Note New online services

New online services are available in My Account for businesses to facilitate the remittance of unclaimed financial assets and related payments.

The online services let you make remittances in a Web form or in an XML file and make payments related to these remittances.

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Holders of unclaimed financial assets (UFAs) are persons and organizations that have been unable to find the owner or right-holder of such assets and that:

  • owe an amount to the owner or right-holder; or
  • are holding property on the owner's or right-holder's behalf. 

Remitting UFAs

Holders of UFAs are subject to the Unclaimed Property Act and must remit the unclaimed assets in their possession to us.

If you hold UFAs and you want to know how to remit them, see the Guide for Holders: Unclaimed Financial Assets (BD-81.5.G-V).

New online services for UFA holders

New online services now make it easier to submit statements concerning unclaimed property and make payments related to UFA remittances.

Holders of more than 10 UFAs will be required to use the new online services starting April 1, 2023.

Requirements before using the new online services

You have to be registered for clicSÉQUR - Entreprises, the government's authentication service, before you can use the new online services.

If you are not registered yet, see "Registering your business for My Account" on the My Account for businesses page.

Note Sign in to My Account for businesses
You will need your user code and password to sign in to My Account for businesses.
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Using the new online services to remit UFAs

You are required to make your remittance in My Account for businesses. Click Other obligations and make your remittance using either the online service or the service for making a remittance in an XML file.

To make your remittance, be sure to have the following on hand:

  • general information about your remittance
  • information about the owners
  • information about the property
  • documents to attach

General information about your online remittance

Provide all of the following information when remitting UFAs:

  • the holder category
  • the end date of the fiscal period in which the property became unclaimed
  • the remittance deadline
  • the currency
Note Important
You must specify whether the remittance is being made further to an audit we conducted.
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Information about the owners

Provide all the information you have on each property owner, including their name and address.

Information about the property

For each property being remitted, specify the type and provide the beneficiary's information.

Note Important
We recommend that you double check the information you entered for each property.
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If you use the online service to make your remittance, be sure to attach all supporting and other required documents.

To make your remittance online using an XML file:

  • download an XML file
  • attach the XML file to your remittance
  • attach all supporting and other required documents

See guide SW-569-V, Submission of Unclaimed Financial Assets – Technical Specifications for XML Files, for more information on producing XML files.

Overview of submitting the statement and making the remittance in My Account for businesses

To finalize your UFA remittance:

  • check the property remitted
  • add supporting documents (if applicable)
  • make the required statement
  • submit the statement

If you do not make your payment right after submitting the statement, you can do it later using the payment service for property remittances.

If you do not complete the remittance, your remittance session will remain active and available for 30 days.

Acknowledgment of receipt in My Account for businesses

Once you submit your statement, you will receive a message with a reference number confirming that we received your remittance.

Remittances using the paper form

Holders of no more than 10 UFAs can remit the property using form BD-81.5-V, Statement Concerning Unclaimed Property. Send the form, along with a cheque for the payment related to the UFAs, to:

Direction principale des biens non réclamés
Revenu Québec
C. P. 6500, succursale Place-Desjardins
Montréal (Québec)  H5B 0B6

Payment methods

If you want to make the payment related to your online remittance right away, copy the payment code and choose how you want to pay. The options are:

  • online, using your financial institution's payment service, accessible through either:
    • My Account for businesses, or
    • your financial institution's website (the payment date is the date the transaction is made with the institution)
  • in person at your financial institution or ATM
  • by mail

To make your payment later, use the service for making a payment for an unclaimed property record, then print your acknowledgement of receipt and sign out once your payment is made.

Paying by mail

You can mail us a cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Revenue of Québec. Be sure to sign it and date it for 2023.

Complete the remittance slip and mail it to us with your cheque or money order.


If you remit UFAs by mail and we receive the remittance after the deadline, you will not have to pay any interest right away. We will review the remittance and send you a payment notice (and remittance slip) detailing the total interest due.

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If you have questions, email us at produits-financiers-MIR@revenuquebec.ca and we will get back to you quickly.

Applying for the cancellation or waiver of late-remittance interest

You can apply for the cancellation or waiver of interest you are required to pay under the Unclaimed Property Act if you could not remit the property by the prescribed deadline due to:

  1. an exceptional situation beyond your control, such as:
    • a natural disaster (flood or fire),
    • a postal service interruption, 
    • major computer system problems,
    • a serious illness, death or other situation that prevents you from performing your usual duties;
  2. an action attributable to Revenu Québec, such as:
    • an error in the documents provided by Revenu Québec or in the information Revenu Québec communicated verbally or in writing,
    • an undue delay in processing the file;
  3. your inability to pay the late-remittance interest owing, as demonstrated by a complete financial analysis of your situation.
Note Remittance incentive for unclaimed financial assets

A new temporary remittance incentive for UFAs came into effect on June 1, 2022. For more information, see Remittance Incentive for Unclaimed Financial Assets.

End of note


You must apply for the cancellation or waiver of interest within three years of the date of the request for payment of late-remittance interest.

How to apply for the cancellation or waiver

Send us a written application explaining your situation along with supporting documents, either by secure email or by mail.

Sending the application and supporting documents

To send your application and supporting documents by secure email, you will first need to register for our secure messaging service. Contact us at produits-financiers@revenuquebec.ca. One of our employees will tell you how to register.  

If you can't send your application and documents by secure email, you can mail them to the following address:

Direction principale des biens non réclamés
Revenu Québec
C. P. 6500, succursale Place-Desjardins
Montréal (Québec)  H5B 0B6

If you are not satisfied with our decision regarding your application, you can ask for a review. Send an explanation of why you believe the decision is unfair or unfounded to the address on the letter we sent you informing you of our decision. 


The decision on a request for review is not subject to appeal. It can therefore not be contested in any way.

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