Death of a Debtor or Creditor of Support or a Dependent Child

If a debtor of support, a creditor of support or a dependent child dies, regular support will cease to be collected as of the date of death.

Death of a debtor

If there are support payments in arrears at the time of the debtor's death, a claim will be filed by the Minister against the debtor's succession. If the arrears claimed by the Minister are not paid, the Minister will take appropriate legal measures to recover the amounts.

Death of a creditor 

If the creditor dies, the Minister:

  • continues to collect any arrears accumulated as at the date of death; 
  • will remit any arrears to the creditor's succession. 

Death of a dependent child 

If the judgment provides support for several dependent children and one of those children dies, you must obtain a new judgment if the distribution of support payments between the children has not already been fixed.

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