Creditor of Support Who Receives Social Assistance

If you receive social assistance, you must inform the Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MTESS) that you also receive support payments.

Support is paid regularly

If support is paid to you regularly, the amount of the social assistance payment is based on the amount of support paid to you.

If you have one or more dependent children, the first $350 per dependent child of your monthly support payment will not be deducted from your social assistance benefits.

Support is not paid regularly

If your support is not paid regularly, you must notify the MTESS. This is taken into account in the calculation of your social assistance payment.

The MTESS acts on your behalf and asks us to collect and remit support.

We will collect support from the debtor of support and remit it to the MTESS for as long as you receive social assistance payments.

There are no financial repercussions for you, as you receive the support from the MTESS as part of your social assistance payment.

You stop receiving social assistance payments

If the MTESS has been acting on your behalf, it will inform us of the date on which you stop receiving social assistance payments.

As of that date, we will remit to you the amount of regular support to which you are entitled under the judgment.

Any arrears will be reimbursed in proportion to the amounts owing to:

  • you;
  • the MTESS (specifically the amounts that it paid to you as support while you were receiving social assistance payments).

Viewing your file

You can use the online service in My Account for individuals for viewing support-payment files to view certain communications and get information about, among other things, judgments, invoices, indexation and security.


To have your support payments deposited directly into your personal account, register for direct deposit of support payments in My Account.

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