Handling of Support-Payment Files

A judgment awarding support is first registered with the Ministère de la Justice. The courthouse then sends us a copy of the judgment and we proceed with collecting the support. The following is an overview of how we handle support files:

1. Receive the judgmentWe make sure the copy of the judgment is complete, so that the terms of support are complied with.
2. Prepare the fileWe check and update the information in the file.
3. Assign the fileWe assign the file to a Revenu Québec employee who will contact the debtor of support and the creditor of support within a few days.
4. Determine the collection procedure

If the debtor is a salaried employee, we send a deduction notice to his or her employer. In this way, regular support payments and any arrears will be deducted directly from the debtor's pay.

If the debtor is not a salaried employee, we send the debtor a payment order. The order requires the debtor to make the regular support payments and to pay any arrears.

5. Collect the amounts

In the case of a deduction notice, the employer remits the amount to us.

In the case of a payment order, the debtor makes payments directly to us.

6. Pay the supportWe pay the support amounts to the creditor by cheque or direct deposit, on the 1st and the 16th of each month.

Use the online service in My Account for individuals to register for direct deposit of support payments directly into your personal bank account.

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