When Should You Contact Revenu Québec?

You must contact the person in charge of your employee's file immediately if any of the following situations occurs:

  • The periodic remuneration on which you are making source deductions ceases to be paid to your employee. This is the case where, for example, the employee begins to receive wage loss insurance, employment insurance benefits, retirement income or amounts from the Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST), or where the person is no longer employed by you.
  • The amounts you pay to the employee are already subject to garnishment by another creditor of support.
  • After having received a deduction notice respecting an employee, you are informed that the amounts you pay to Revenu Québec have become subject to garnishment.
  • The frequency of payments to the employee changes.
  • The amount indicated on the deduction notice is greater than 50% of the gross remuneration paid to the employee.
  • The legal form of your entity is modified after the deduction notice is issued (for example, your business is sold or closed, or is merged with another business).
  • Your Québec enterprise number (NEQ), or any other number used by Revenu Québec to identify you, is changed.
  • Your address changes.
  • The contact person at your business has changed.
  • You receive a notice from a trustee in bankruptcy requiring you to cease all deductions from the remuneration you pay to the employee.

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