Amounts to be Deducted

The support amounts to be deducted must not exceed the seizable portion of the debtor's income, as calculated under the Code of Civil Procedure.

We may ask you to deduct:

  • a percentage; or
  • a fixed amount.

Calculating the amounts to be deducted

The seizable portion of income is calculated as follows:

  • We determine the debtor's total income.
  • We deduct any exemptions for the basic needs of the debtor and of any dependants.
  • We multiply the result by 50% (the seizure rate for a support payment debt).

To determine the amounts used to calculate exemptions, refer to the Table of exemptions for calculation of the seizable portion of your income - Voluntary Deposit page of the Ministère de la Justice website.

In addition, before deducting the support payment, you must calculate all amounts that you normally deduct from the gross remuneration you pay periodically to the debtor.

Normal source deductions include:

  • federal and Québec income tax
  • Québec Pension Plan (QPP) contributions and Québec parental insurance plan (QPIP) premiums
  • employment insurance premiums
  • union dues

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