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New Publications

In recent months, Revenu Québec has published or updated the following documents:

  • Employment Expenses (IN-118-V)
  • New Residents and Income Tax (IN-119-V)
  • General Information Concerning the QST and the GST/HST (IN-203-V)
  • QST, GST/HST and Fuel Tax: How They Apply to Freight Carriers (IN-218-V)
  • An Overview of the Fuel Tax Act (IN-222-V)
  • Shelter Allowance Program (IN-165-V)
  • Questions About Tips: Employees (IN-251-V)
  • Taxable Benefits (IN-253-V)
  • The QST and the GST/HST: How They Apply to Residential Complexes (Construction or Renovation) (IN-261-V)
  • Employee or Self-Employed Person? (IN-301-V)
  • Voluntary Disclosure: Rectifying Your Tax Situation (IN-309-V)
  • Information Bulletin for Restaurateurs (IN-522-V)
  • Information for Restaurateurs (IN-575-V)
  • SRM User Guide (IN-577-V)
  • Support Payments: Application for Exemption (IN-900-V)
  • The Payment of Support (IN-901-V)
  • Support Payments: When the Debtor or Creditor Resides Outside Québec (IN-904-V)
  • Support Payments Bulletin (IN-906-V)

For its part, the Canada Revenue Agency has published or updated the following documents:

GST/HST Guides

  • GST/HST New Housing Rebate (RC4028)
  • Financial Institution GST/HST Annual Information Return (RC4419)

GST/HST Info Sheets

  • Insurance – Appraisals of Damage Caused to Property (GI-134)
  • Application of the GST/HST to Home Care Services (GI-166)

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