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GST/HST or QST Payments of $50,000 or More

A GST/HST or QST payment of $50,000 or more must be made at a financial institution or by means of our online service.

A payment of $50,000 or more may consist of a net amount of GST/HST or QST. The payment may also consist of a net GST/HST or QST amount from which GST/HST or QST rebates have been deducted.

Financial institutions accept payments accompanied by the remittance slip of your return. If an amount from which a rebate has been deducted constitutes the payment, the rebate application form (for example a GST/HST or QST rebate application for public service bodies) must be sent to Revenu Québec along with a note indicating that the payment was made at a financial institution.

Note that the date of receipt of a payment is the date on which the financial institution receives it.

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