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Improvements to the Tax Credit for Film Dubbing

In the Budget Speech of March 30, 2010, the Québec Minister of Finance announced an increase in the rate of the tax credit for film dubbing and the cap on consideration received for the execution of a film dubbing contract. Furthermore, three additional services are now considered eligible dubbing services for the purposes of calculating qualified expenditures.

These changes apply to applications for a certificate filed with the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles after March 30, 2010.

Increase in the rate of the tax credit and the cap on consideration received

The rate of the tax credit for film dubbing will rise from 30% to 35%.

The cap on the consideration received for the execution of a film dubbing contract will rise from 40,5% to 45%.

Broadening of eligible dubbing services

For eligible productions, the following two services now constitute eligible dubbing services:

  • the audition, i.e., the test session intended to establish the dubbing cast
  • the preparation of texts, i.e., the work relating to computer-assisted detection (including the preparation and formatting of the original text according to the standards of the software used), the preparation of markers, verification and the correction of adapted texts

For eligible productions other than feature films intended for movie theatres, the production of video titles (where video includes any medium other than celluloid film) for a version in a language other than the original is now an eligible dubbing service. This includes

  • marking the text for subtitles
  • adapting the text for subtitles
  • preparing the electronic title files
  • computer graphic production of these files; and
  • adding these files to the video montage.

For further information, see page A.73 in Additional Information on the Budgetary Measures, published by the Ministère des Finances.

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