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New publications

In recent months, Revenu Québec has published or updated the following documents:

  • Notice to Employers (PZ-923-V) (Fondaction)
  • The Fees Charged by Revenu Québec for Services Rendered in the Provisional Administration of Unclaimed Property (IN-330-V)
  • Tax Credit for Home Improvement and Renovation (IN-179-V)
  • Collection of Tax Debts and Support Debts (IN-200-V)
  • Support Payments: Demand for Payment (IN-908-V)

For its part, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has published or updated the following documents:

GST/HST Notices

  • Notice of change – GST/HST Memorandum 4.3, Basic Groceries (Notice242)
  • Draft GST/HST Policy Statement, Fertilizer and/or Pesticide Supplied Together with an Application Service - For Discussion Purposes Only (Notice243)

GST/HST Technical Information Bulletins

  • Application of the GST/HST to Prepaid Funeral Arrangements (B-091R) (update)
  • Application of GST/HST to Interment Rights and Prepaid Cemetery Arrangements (B-093) (update)

GST/HST Policy Statements

  • Eating establishments (P-251)
  • Agricultural Equipment Supplied Together with Accessories  (P-252)
  • Sharecropping (P-253)

GST/HST Guides

  • GST/HST Information for Municipalities (RC4049)
  • GST/HST Information for Suppliers of Publications (RC4103)
  • Rebate for Tour Packages, Foreign Conventions, and Non-Resident Exhibitor Purchases (RC4160)
  • GST/HST Administration Checklist (RC4346)
  • GST/HST Administration Guide (RC4347)

GST/HST Info Sheets

  • Fishing Equipment and Products (GI-049)
  • Residential Care Facilities and the GST/HST Election to Adjust Net Tax for the Self-Supply of a Residential Complex (GI-050)
  • Zero-Rated Farm Equipment (GI-051)

GST/HST Memoranda Series

  • Penalties and Interest (16-2)
  • Cancellation or Waiver of Penalties and/or Interest (16-3)
  • Designation of Hospital Authorities (25-2)

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