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New tool for estimating advance payments of the tax credit for home-support services for seniors

The new estimator can be used to calculate the amount of advance payments that a senior citizen living (or planning to live) in a senior citizens’ residence may be entitled to receive. The tool is a simple and easy way for seniors to obtain a quick estimate of the amount they may be entitled to receive on a monthly basis in the form of advance payments. The estimator is a practical example of how online services can facilitate exchanges between Revenu Québec and both citizens and businesses – information is only a click away!

The amount produced by the estimator is based on various information provided by the senior or the senior’s representative. To obtain the actual amount of advance payments, you must send Revenu Québec a completed copy of form TPZ-1029.MD.7.P-V, Application for Advance Payments Based on Rent and Services Included in Rent.

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