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Published | Category : Income tax - individuals

Enhanced Shelter Allowance Program

In the economic and financial update released on November 7, 2023, the Minister of Finance of Québec announced an increase in the family income ceiling for the shelter allowance program. This will allow more low-income individuals who spend too much of their budget on housing to receive up to $170 per month in financial assistance. 

If you have already applied for the shelter allowance, we will review your application in light of the new ceiling. The amounts you are entitled to since October 1, 2023, will be paid to you automatically by the end of March 2024. You do not need to apply again.

If you may be eligible for the shelter allowance under the new criteria but you have not yet applied, keep an eye on our website as we will publish the information you will need to apply. We will also undertake an information campaign aimed at helping individuals get all the information they need to apply for the allowance.

For more information, see the Update on Québec's Economic and Financial Situation – Fall 2023 (PDF – 3,983 KB) on the Ministère des Finances website.

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