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Use of the Territorial Designation of the Northern Plan in the Various Tax Measures Specific to the Mining Sector

To ensure that the territorial designations assigned to the Northern Plan territory and those used in the Taxation Act and the Mining Tax Act are harmonized, the concept of Near North to which these two statutes refer will be modified to enlarge its territory southward, while the concept of Far North to which these two statutes also refer will remain unchanged.

More specifically, Near North will designate the territory located in Québec north of 49° north latitude and north of the St. Lawrence River and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and south of the territory of the Far North.

These changes will apply in respect of exploration expenses incurred after March 28, 2017.

For more information, see pages A.64 and A.65 of the Additional Information 2017-2018 (PDF – 2.71 MB), published by the Ministère des Finances.

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