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Published | Categories : Better tax practices – businesses, GST and QST

Restrictions on ITRs for Large Businesses

Not all goods and services acquired by a large business under the QST system give entitlement to input tax refunds (ITRs).

Therefore, as a registrant, you must determine whether you constitute an SMB (small or medium-sized business) or a large business for each fiscal year.

You are generally considered to be a large business for a given fiscal year if your and any associated corporations' taxable supplies made in Canada in the fiscal year that precedes the given fiscal year exceed $10 million.

For more information, see the Large Businesses page or the interpretation bulletin entitled “Qualification as a small or medium-sized business or as a large business” (TVQ. 206.1-9).


Restrictions on ITRs will be gradually eliminated as of January 1, 2018.

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