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Revenu Québec Adapts Its Approach to Support Individuals and Businesses

Québec City, March 18, 2020 – Revenu Québec reminds individuals and businesses that measures meant to help taxpayers in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic were announced on March 17.

Among other measures, the deadline for filing the personal income tax return was extended to June 1. Both individuals and businesses will have until August 31, 2020, to pay their income tax due for the 2019 taxation year. With this extension, Revenu Québec aligns itself with recently announced federal measures. More information is available on the Ministère des Finances website.

Revenu Québec is also taking steps to ensure that no individual or business is penalized as a result of the pandemic. All tax audit and collection activities are being suspended, and the organization will show greater flexibility in respect of payment agreements for tax debts.

It is very important to note that activities and payments relating to social programs (support payments, tax credits, shelter allowance, etc.) will continue as usual, as will the processing of income tax returns. All services essential to our mission will continue to be offered.

Revenu Québec strongly recommends that taxpayers use online services. These not only allow them to avoid contact with others, they also accelerate processing times. However, Revenu Québec's offices will remain open as per current government guidelines in order to maintain certain services to our clientele. That said, in the spirit of ensuring a safe working environment, a minimum of personnel will be onsite.

“Even in the current context, Revenu Québec must continue to provide services essential to the population and the state itself,” said Revenu Québec President and Chief Executive Officer Carl Gauthier. “As an employer, we must also protect our employees' health and safety. I'm very aware that these are difficult times. That means we need to adapt, so that we can continue to serve Québecers.”

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