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NetFile Québec online service now available - Québec taxpayers can file their income tax returns online as of today

Québec City, February 12, 2013 – Revenu Québec wishes to inform taxpayers and professional tax preparers alike that the NetFile Québec service is now officially available for the 2012 taxation year. Taxpayers who file their income tax returns using authorized software can therefore submit their returns as of today and benefit from the many advantages afforded by this online service.

Among other advantages, income tax returns filed using NetFile Québec are processed more quickly. Taxpayers who file their income tax returns online can expect that Revenu Québec will issue a notice of assessment or send a refund within 14 days, whereas the processing time for income tax returns filed by mail is 28 days.

Each year, more and more Québec taxpayers choose to use NetFile Québec to file their personal income tax returns. In 2012, the income tax returns of nearly 3.75 million individuals were filed using this service, whether the returns were filed by the individuals themselves or through the services of a professional tax preparer. This means that 60% of all income tax returns received by Revenu Québec in 2012 were filed online.

Québec taxpayers have until April 30, 2013, to file their personal income tax returns for the 2012 taxation year. Exceptionally, individuals who are reporting business income (and their spouses) have until June 17, 2013, to file their returns. Regardless of the filing deadline that applies, any balance due for 2012 must be paid no later than April 30, 2013.

MY ACCOUNT, a useful space for taxpayers!

Revenu Québec also wishes to remind taxpayers that they can register for My Account at My Account is a space specially designed for individuals where they can access information regarding their tax file and use a number of practical online services. For example, they can view their notices of assessment, their confirmations of accelerated refunds and their income tax returns. They can also register for direct deposit and download tax data in order to make filing their income tax returns easier.

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