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Revenu Québec announces changes to simplify the filing of the personal income tax return

Québec City, January 21, 2016 – Revenu Québec is proud to announce new measures to simplify the filing of the personal income tax return, among them the phasing out of the NetFile Québec access code and the introduction of simplified authentication procedures.

Starting this year, individuals will no longer need (or receive) a NetFile Québec access code to file their income tax returns online. Instead, they will be able to authenticate themselves using their date of birth and social insurance number. Individuals who have moved or whose banking information has changed will also need the number of their most recent notice of assessment. All authorized software for filing the return has been updated to account for the new procedure.

In addition, individuals who file their own returns will now be able to download their tax data directly using software. To do so, they will likewise need to provide their date of birth and social insurance number, as well as the number of their most recent notice of assessment.

Lastly, a new service will make it easier for individuals who have a tax preparer file their returns to get the necessary download code, which will no longer be mailed to individuals. Come February, the new service will be available online (in My Account) and by telephone.

These new procedures, in addition to improving and simplifying Revenu Québec's services, will save the organization nearly $5 million per year by reducing its postage costs and paper use.

Changes to certain tax measures

Individuals can visit to find out more about the tax credits they may be entitled to and the changes in effect for 2015.

Of particular note are the changes to the solidarity tax credit announced in the Budget Speech delivered in March 2015. Further to the changes, the credit is now based on individuals' situations on December 31. 

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