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Revenu Québec announces measures to help individuals and businesses in Lac-Mégantic

Revenu Québec representatives in Lac-Mégantic

Revenu Québec has announced measures to help individuals and businesses in Lac-Mégantic. We, along with the entire population of Québec, offer our support to the community, and the thoughts of our employees go out to the families affected by the tragedy.

Revenu Québec will cancel any penalties and interest charged to individuals and businesses that are unable to fulfill their tax obligations by the regular deadlines because of this exceptional situation beyond their control.

These measures will apply, for example, to individuals and businesses that are late in filing their income tax or consumption tax returns, in remitting their source deductions and employer contributions, in paying a balance due or in making instalment payments. The measures will remain in effect for as long as the affected individuals and businesses are unable to fulfill their tax obligations.

Revenu Québec representatives are also on hand, at the Bureau d'aide et d'information gouvernemental, to answer questions and assist individuals and businesses.

For more information, individuals and businesses in the affected area can call the Bureau d'aide et d'information aux citoyens et aux entreprises, at the following numbers:

  • 819 583-4119 
  • 1 855 327-7628 (toll-free)

They can also go to the Bureau in person, at the following address:

Centre de formation professionnelle Le Granit 
3409, rue Laval, Lac-Mégantic
(The entrance is located behind the high school, via the football field.)

Individuals and businesses can also call Revenu Québec's client services at the following numbers:

  • 1 800 267-6299 (toll-free) for individuals
  • 1 800 567-4692 (toll-free) for businesses, employers and mandataries

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