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At Revenu Québec, Confidentiality is Everyone’s Business

Given the nature of the information we handle, confidentiality is of prime concern at Revenu Québec. Accordingly, all of our employees are bound by a strict set of rules that protect the privacy of taxpayer information.

Because Québec’s tax system is based on the principle of self-assessment, our mission depends on the relationships of trust we have established over the years with individuals and businesses, relationships built on, among other things, our commitment to protecting taxpayers’ confidential information at all times. As proof of that commitment, every new Revenu Québec employee is called upon to sign a confidentiality agreement that sets forth the principal rules governing information security and protection at Revenu Québec.

Our employees renew their commitment to confidentiality and information security every year as part of an annual awareness campaign. During the month-long campaign, supervisors meet with the members of their respective teams to discuss the confidentiality rules that apply to their particular field.

We are proud to announce that during the last campaign, which took place in October 2012, every single employee present reaffirmed his or her commitment to protecting your confidential information — further proof of Revenu Québec’s commitment to confidentiality and information security.

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