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Unclaimed Financial Assets: New Tools to Simplify Your Life

If you hold unclaimed financial assets that you must remit to us under the Unclaimed Property Act, new services are coming to My Account for businesses to help you remit these assets and make any related payments.

New services

  • Remit property online
  • Remit unclaimed property using an XML file
  • Make remittance-related payments

These services will be available in My Account for businesses in spring 2023, provided you have more than 10 unclaimed financial assets to remit.

Benefits for you

These easy-to-use services will:

  • Enhance data transfer and security
  • Be available whenever you need them
  • Speed up information transfer and save time
  • Allow online payment
  • Reduce processing times
  • Save paper

Using the new services

You must be registered for clicSÉQUR – Entreprises, the Québec government's authentication service.

To register:

  • Go to Entreprises Québec.
  • Under Outils, select clicSÉQUR pour les entreprises.
  • Select Comment inscrire une entreprise à clicSÉQUR?

Help is available

See Remitting Unclaimed Property on our website for a guide on how to remit property using an XML file.

For more information on the new online services and new remittance procedures, click Unclaimed Property.

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