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Electronic Signatures—A Convenient Option for More and More Forms

As part of our ongoing efforts to make things easier for individuals and businesses, we began accepting electronic signatures on certain forms on June 20, 2022, with new forms added regularly. Recent additions include:  

  • Declaration of a Transaction Between Related Individuals With Regard to a Road Vehicle Registered in Québec (VD-80.1-V)
  • Summary of Source Deductions and Employer Contributions (RLZ-1.S)

New electronic signature icon

Note about electronic signatures.

This form can be signed electronically.

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If you see this icon (image) on a form's download page, it means the form can be signed electronically.

Accepted signatures

The following types of electronic signatures are accepted:

  • a digital signature with a digital certificate produced using a specialized tool
  • a signature made using an input tool such as a stylus, touchscreen or mouse
  • a scanned hand-written signature (an image of a signature)

Typed signatures are not accepted.

For more information, click Electronic Signatures.

Note Important
If you send us a form that was signed electronically, you must take all the necessary steps to protect its integrity throughout its life cycle. We reserve the right to ask for the duly signed original form.
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