Extension of the Eligibility Period for the One-Time Cost-of-Living Tax Credit

So that more low and middle-income Quebecers can be eligible for the one time cost-of-living tax credit, one of the eligibility requirements has been changed.

If your 2020 income tax return is filed or amended by June 30, 2022, and you are eligible, you will receive full payment of this tax credit.

Filing or amending your 2020 income tax return may allow you to receive the full payment of the tax credit based on your situation:

  • $200 if you are an eligible individual;
  • $275 if you are an eligible individual without a spouse who lives alone;
  • $400 if you and your spouse are both eligible individuals (the credit will be paid to the person receiving the solidarity tax credit payments).

If you filed or amended your 2020 income tax return after December 31, 2021, the credit or additional amount to which you are entitled will be automatically paid to you if you meet all eligibility requirements.

For more information, see One-Time Cost of Living Tax Credit.

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