Are you involved in the digital economy?

Make sure you know your tax obligations

The digital economy is all the economic activities and new business models made possible by transformational digital technology and the Internet, specifically search engines and platforms such as social media.

If you earn income from it, you must report it in your income tax return

Sectors of the digital economy

The digital economy includes e-commerce, the sharing economy, virtual currency and the activities of influencers. All these things take many forms, and we can help you identify them.

Do you sell clothing online? Advertise your photography services on a digital platform? That's e-commerce.

Do you rent out your cottage or provide services (remunerated passenger transportation, meal delivery, etc.) through a digital platform? You're participating in the sharing economy.

Do you make money playing video games or posting online content? You're an influencer

You might even use cryptocurrency as a payment method.

For more on the various sectors of the digital economy, click Digital Economy.

It pays to report your income!

There are benefits to reporting your income, from tax credits to parental insurance to a pension from Retraite Québec when you retire. You can also contribute more to your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP).

Fair for all means helping you take control of your taxes!

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