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If you're a landlord, you need to prepare your RL-31 slips by February 29, 2024!

If you're a landlord, you must give your tenants RL-31 slips by February 29, 2024. You can prepare them as of now using the prepare RL-31 slips service in My Account for individuals. You can also use the  Prepare and View the RL-31 Slip service. If you used the service in Full Access mode last year, you can simply update the information you provided.

As of January 1, 2024, if you prepare more than five RL-31 slips, you must file them online. For information on filing slips and summaries, click Sending RL Slips and Summaries Online.

Key dates
December 1, 2023 Start of the RL-31 slip filing period
December 31, 2023 Reference date. If a tenant or subtenant paid (or should have paid) rent on this date, you must file an RL-31 slip.
February 29, 2024  Filing deadline. You must send Revenu Québec copy 1 of the slip (RL-31) and give copy 2 (RL-31.CS) to your tenants and subtenants.

For more information on filing the RL-31 slip, see RL-31 Slip Obligations.

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