Landlords, it's time to file your RL-31 slips

The Prepare and View the RL-31 slip online service is available now. If you used it last year, you can simply update the information you provided.

Key dates
December 1, 2021 Start of the RL-31 slip filing period
December 31, 2021 Reference date. If a tenant or subtenant paid (or should have paid) rent on this date, you must file an RL-31 slip.
February 28, 2022 Filing deadline. You must send us the RL-31 slip and give the RL-31.CS slip to your tenants and subtenants.

Who has to file the RL-31 slip?

Every person or partnership that owns rental property and rents out a dwelling for which rent was paid or payable on December 31 is required to file the RL-31 slip.

For more information, refer to the Guide to Filing the RL-31 Slip: Information About a Leased Dwelling (RL-31.G-V).

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