New Online Service for Bulk Filing Form TP-64.3-V for Employees Working From Home

As announced in December, a new online service is now available (in French only) to help you complete form TP-64.3-V, General Employment Conditions, for your employees who are working from home. The service lets you save time by completing multiple copies of the form at once. We will provide easy-to-follow instructions, and you will only need your email address and a temporary password to use the service.

Your employees may be able to deduct some of the expenses they incurred to work from home in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they need you, their employer, to complete form TP-64.3-V for them if they use the detailed method to calculate their expenses related to working from home.

If only some of your employees are working from home, you can use the 2020-10 version of form TP-64.3-V instead of the online service. A minimum of information is required. Until further notice, you can sign this version electronically and send it securely to your employees.

To learn more, see the COVID-19: FAQ for Employers.

Access page of the service

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