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Revenu Québec, New Provider of Mass Processing Services for the Government!

Starting today, our organization is responsible for providing all government entities with the mass processing services formerly provided by the Centre de services partagés du Québec (CSPQ). 

Digitization services, messenger services, storage services, mail services, printing services, insertion services and document management and conservation services are therefore now provided by our mass processing centre. 

Our mass processing centre has been meeting our internal needs for close to 40 years, all while providing services to other departments and public bodies. With its high volume capacity and qualified staff, the centre will be able to maintain its high quality of service all while undertaking the transferred activities. 

With this pooling of services, more than 1,600 employees are now working to help achieve the objectives of some 170 client bodies.

We are pleased to welcome all new employees and clients. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to make this transition as easy and harmonious as possible.

We are also unveiling today a whole new section of our website dedicated to mass processing activities (in French only). Please take a look and bookmark the address for quick access.

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