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Prevent Identity Theft: Protect Your Information!

At Revenu Québec, protecting your confidential information is our top priority. That's why we're reminding you to always be careful. Your personal information is confidential and must never be shared. No one is safe from identity theft, information theft or phishing attempts.

In addition, if you want to have a professional represent you, you must give that person a mandate so that they can use the services in My Account for professional representatives. 

If you use My Account for businesses, do not share your user code or password. If you do not follow all terms of use, we may withdraw your access to My Account.

See our security tips on how to protect your personal information. 

Your personal information is something we take very seriously. And we prove it by applying rigorous security measures every day and following the highest information security standards to guarantee that this information remains confidential.

If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud or that your personal information has been lost or stolen, tell us as soon as possible at Report a Loss or Theft of Personal Information so that we can take additional steps to protect you.

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