Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Electronic signature: a convenient solution!

In response to the exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented measures to ensure that individuals, businesses and professional representatives can follow public health guidelines (which encourage people to stay at home and avoid in-person contact).

As a temporary measure until September 1, 2020, we will accept electronic signatures for certain forms.

For information on which forms can be signed electronically and other details, see the “Electronic signatures” section on the COVID-19 FAQ pages below.

Accepted electronic signatures

We will accept the following types of electronic signatures:

  • digital certificates generated using a specialized tool (such as Adobe Sign, AuthentiSIGN, DocSketch, DocuSign, eSign Genie, EverSign or eZsign);
  • scanned hand-written signatures (meaning an image of a signature);
  • signatures made using an input tool such as a stylus or mouse.

We hope this temporary measure will be useful and simplify your exchanges with us. We've also introduced other measures to make life easier for you in these difficult times.  To learn more, see Relief Measures for Individuals and Businesses.

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