Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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New Relief Measures for Individuals

New relief measures are being introduced to help clients get services and meet their tax obligations all while upholding the principles of physical distancing.

Form TP-1000.TE-V

In March, we started accepting electronic signatures on form TP-1000.TE-V, which tax preparers are required to have their clients sign. Where tax preparers or individuals are unable to accept or provide electronic signatures, individuals can send a detailed email confirming their consent. These options reduce the need for in-person interaction.

Taxpayers without access to the Internet and seniors confined to their homes may be exempt from providing signatures, but we may require that they provide them at a future date.

Form MR-69-V

We are also accepting electronic signatures on form MR-69-V, Authorization to Communicate Information or Power of Attorney, until September 1, 2020.

This measure will help individuals follow current health directives by reducing person-to-person contact and the need to leave home.

For more information, see Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

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