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You could get up to $1,539!

If you live alone or with a spouse or roommate in an eligible dwelling you rent or a house you own, you could be entitled to the solidarity tax credit.

The amount of your credit depends on your situation. For example, if you live in a house with your spouse and two children under 18, you could get up to $1,539.

What is the solidarity tax credit and how do you claim it?

The solidarity tax credit is a refundable tax credit for low- and medium-income households. It is based on your situation on December 31, 2019.

To receive it, you must:

  • meet the eligibility requirements;
  • file an income tax return;
  • complete Schedule D to make sure you get the full amount you are entitled to (otherwise, you will only receive the basic amount and, if you have a spouse, the spouse's portion of the QST component); and
  • register for direct deposit.

For an idea of how much you could get, use our estimator. (The amount of your actual credit may differ.)

Even if you meet all the eligibility requirements, your credit may be reduced on the basis of your family income.

Person living alone

To be entitled to the amount for a person living alone, you must have lived alone (or only with children under 18) in an eligible dwelling throughout 2019.

Tenant or subtenant

If you rented or sublet an eligible dwelling for which rent was paid or payable on December 31, you will need an RL-31 slip from your landlord to claim the credit. If you didn't get one, contact your landlord—the deadline for receiving it was February 29, 2020.

Owner of a house

You will need your municipal tax bill to claim the credit.

Person living in a northern village

If you live in one of the 14 recognized northern villages, you may be entitled to an additional amount.

You can receive the solidarity tax credit without claiming it. However, completing Schedule D and registering for direct deposit is the only way to make sure you get the full amount you are entitled to.

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