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We are currently surveying individuals to better understand their situations and their knowledge of and views on income tax and other taxes.

We will use the survey results to better align our services with your needs and motivations when it comes to meeting tax obligations.

The survey is being conducted in compliance with legal provisions that guarantee the protection of your confidential information. Strict measures have also been established to ensure your anonymity and the security of your information.

The survey has a total of 70 questions grouped into the following 6 categories: general knowledge about income tax and other taxes; comfort level with subjects related to income tax and other taxes; opinion on paying income tax and other taxes; opportunities for non-compliance; habits related to income tax and other taxes; and financial and social demographics.

Go to Current Surveys for more information about the survey and a list of frequently asked questions.

For more information, call us, toll-free, at 1 800 267‑6299.

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