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Duncan could get up to $981 this year. How about you?

The solidarity tax credit—made to measure!

This is just one of the many situations eligible for the solidarity tax credit. To find out if your situation entitles you to the credit, see the full list of eligibility requirements. You can also use our payment estimator to estimate the amount to which you could be entitled.

Note that, even if you meet all the requirements, the amount of your credit may be reduced on the basis of your family income.

Additional amount for a person living alone

You may be entitled to this amount if you lived alone throughout the year. You are considered to have lived alone if you shared your home with children under 18.

You are not eligible for this amount if, for example:

  • You lived alone on December 31, but you lived with a roommate the rest of the year.
  • You lived alone on December 31, but you lived with your spouse for three months during the year.
  • You lived with both of your children on December 31, and one of them turned 18 during the year.

Renting an eligible dwelling?

Landlords must issue RL-31 slips to all their tenants and subtenants. You will need the slip to claim the solidary tax credit.

Claiming the solidarity tax credit?

Watch this video for help.


You must be registered for direct deposit to receive the solidarity tax credit. It's also important that you inform us of any changes to your banking information.

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