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People Responsible for Using My Account for Businesses Online Services: Extension for Submitting a Resolution or a Power of Attorney

If you are an authorized representative (other than an ex officio representative) responsible for using My Account for businesses online services, please note that an extension has been granted for submitting the document that will ensure you continue to have access to all the services available in My Account for businesses.

You now have until October 13, 2017, to submit any of the following documents certifying that you are authorized to act on behalf of the business:

  • a resolution of the board of directors, if you have been designated by one or more directors of a business corporation;
  • a power of attorney, if you have been designated by an officer of a business corporation, an individual in business or one or more members of a partnership;
  • any other applicable document that contains the information requested in My Account, if you have been designated otherwise than by resolution or power of attorney.

Samples of the types of documents you can submit are available in My Account. Note that form MR-69-V, Power of Attorney, Authorization to Communicate Information, or Revocation, and clicSÉQUR registration documents will not be accepted as a power of attorney.

You can submit your document using My Account (click Submit Documents to Revenu Québec). Once we have processed the document, we will inform you by email whether it meets our requirements and whether you will continue to have access to the Manage User Accounts and Manage Business Authorizations and Powers of Attorney services after November 12, 2017. Your access to all other services in My Account (for example, the services used to file and view returns) will remain unchanged.

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