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Revenu Québec Is Now on Facebook!

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After just three months on social media, we've built up quite a following—our Twitter and LinkedIn profiles already have more than 1,600 followers each!

And now we're on Facebook! Take a look at our new official page: it has tons of interesting content. While you're there, be sure to share some of our posts!

One more way to connect with taxpayers

Like our other social media accounts, our Facebook page contains information about:

  • our roles and responsibilities
  • your tax obligations and the importance of fulfilling them
  • the services we offer
  • our career opportunities

You should know, however, that we will not answer any questions about your tax file or disclose any personal information via social media.

For information about acceptable content, see our netiquette policy. To find out more about our social media vision and goals, see our social media policy.

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