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Subsidized Educational Childcare: Filing RL-30 Slips

Holders of subsidized educational childcare permits (childcare centres and daycare centres) and home childcare coordinating offices have until February 29, 2016, to give RL-30 slips to parents. Parents will use the slips to determine the amount of the additional contribution they are required to pay when they file their 2015 income tax returns.

The RL-30 slip must be filed with Revenu Québec and given to each parent that signed a subsidized childcare services agreement. Coordinating offices are responsible for filing RL-30 slips on behalf of home childcare providers who have been allocated subsidized spaces.

For more information, see the Guide to Filing the RL-30 Slip (RL-30.G-V).

Effective April 22, 2015, subsidized childcare fees include:

  • a basic contribution payable directly to the childcare service provider (for 2015, the basic contribution is $7.30 per day, per child); and
  • an additional contribution, adjusted to family income, payable when filing the income tax return for 2015 and subsequent years.

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