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Send Us Your Employees' RL-1 Slips: It Benefits Both You and Them

If you are an employer, you are required to file RL-1 slips for your employees by the last day of February. This involves preparing an RL-1 slip for each employee and transmitting all the completed slips to us, as well as the RL-1 summary, which contains the totals of certain amounts entered on the RL-1 slips, without the details.

By filing RL-1 slips, you are helping both yourself and your employees. You are assured that:

  • the amounts you withheld and remitted are accurate; and
  • you will have no interest or penalties payable in addition to any amounts you may owe.

Your employees are assured that:

  • they have all the required information regarding their income and source deductions to complete their income tax returns properly;
  • all benefits to which they are entitled from the Régie des rentes du Québec when they retire, or should they die or become disabled, will be paid either to them or to their relatives, as applicable.

The RL-1 slips you file contain Québec Pension Plan information, which we forward to the Régie so that the Régie can determine the amount of the benefits.

The Guide for Employers: Source Deductions and Contributions (TP-1015.G-V) and the Guide to Filing the RL-1 Slip: Employment and Other Income (RL-1.G-V) are available to help you prepare the slips.

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