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Businesses Governed by Part I of the Companies Act or by the Mining Companies Act: Continuance or Dissolution Before February 14, 2016

Every business that is still governed by Part I of the Companies Act or by the Mining Companies Act must file, before February 14, 2016, either articles of continuance, in accordance with the Business Corporations Act, or an application for dissolution. Any such business that fails to do so will automatically be dissolved by operation of law, which could result in serious consequences affecting the continuation of the business's activities. For example, all of its bank transactions could be frozen or the business could be required to file an application for revival (fees applicable).

To find out whether a particular business is required to file either articles of continuance or an application for dissolution under the circumstances described above, use the online service Rechercher une entreprise au registre to access the business's État de renseignements, which indicates (on the line marked "Régime courant") the law by which the business is currently governed.

Any affected business that is still active and that is registered in the enterprise register must file articles of continuance and pay the applicable fees (which are less than those for an application for revival) using the online service Produire ou corriger des statuts de continuation d'une personne morale constituée en vertu d'une loi du Québec.

Any affected business that is inactive must, after ensuring that it has filed all its declarations, file an application for dissolution using form RE-602, Déclaration d'intention de liquidation ou de dissolution et demande de dissolution.

The Registraire des entreprises thanks you for your cooperation and for doing your part to maintain the quality of the information in the enterprise register.

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