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The Importance of Confidentiality at Revenu Québec

Protecting the information reported by individuals and businesses is of paramount importance to Revenu Québec. Revenu Québec makes sure that all personnel abide by the confidentiality rules in effect and is continually striving to maintain the relationship of trust that it has established over the years with its various clienteles. That trust is due, in large part, to the exemplary conduct of Revenu Québec staff.

This year, Revenu Québec's annual awareness campaign took place in November and December 2014. The campaign was called Campagne de sensibilisation en matière de confidentialité, de sécurité de l'information et des autres règles de déontologie (campaign to raise awareness about confidentiality, information security and other rules of professional conduct) with the slogan “Ma bonne conduite, ma carte de visite” (good conduct is my calling card). All staff members present for the campaign were made aware of the importance of confidentiality, information security and other rules of professional conduct, and were called upon to renew their commitment to protect information confidentiality.

Revenu Québec thanks its staff members for the campaign's success, which contributes to maintaining our exemplary record of protecting confidential information and information security.

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