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Personal Information

As part of our mission, we collect and process a high volume of information, which we use and store with the utmost vigilance. The rigorous security measures applied every day to guarantee that this information remains confidential meet the highest information security standards.

How we protect your personal information

To protect your personal information, we follow these rules:

  • We ensure that only authorized personnel has access to your information.
  • We use rigorous security measures to protect your personal information. These measures concern the collection, use, communication, retention and destruction of the information, ensuring confidentiality throughout its life cycle.
  • We confirm your identity in all our dealings with you.

How you can protect your personal information

You are responsible for the information you send us and for maintaining the confidentiality of your identification data, access codes and passwords. We will not be held liable for any unauthorized use of this data.

To protect your data, follow these steps:

  • Change your passwords every three to six months and do not use personal information when you create one.
  • If you choose to print or write down your user codes or passwords, use separate sheets of paper and store them separately in secure locations.
  • If the confidentiality of your user codes or passwords is compromised, contact us right away to prevent fraudulent use of your confidential information.

For more ways to protect your personal information, see Phishing Scams and Identity Theft and Rules.

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