Hardware Solution – SRM

The government has implemented a technological solution in restaurant establishments (bar, restaurant and catering establishments) with the following three main components:

Sales recording system

An SRS must be adapted to connect to an SRM.

Sales recording module

An SRM connects to an SRS. It receives and records data related to various transactions and transmits to a receipt printer the information required to print a bill.

Receipt printer

Most thermal printers used in the restaurant sector are SRM-compatible. For a list of SRM-compatible receipt printers, see SRM-Compatible Printers.

If your receipt printer is not listed, see Receipt Printer Compatibility.

Developer's responsibilities

As an SRS developer, you must ensure that your product is able to communicate with the SRM.

To ensure that your products are SRM-compatible, you must adapt your SRS to our requirements and technical specifications. You can also apply for certification from Revenu Québec recognizing that your product is SRM-compatible.

This section contains the information and tools you need to develop and adapt your products to be SRM-compatible, as well as the instructions for product certification.

To access all the information available in this section, you must be registered as a Revenu Québec partner.

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