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Certification of Sales Recording Systems That Work With an SRM


As of November 1, 2023, you can no longer register in the Restaurant sector field of activity (hardware solution).

Since that date, a new IT solution based on a cloud environment called the WEB-SRM is gradually replacing the SRM in the restaurant sector.

If you want to develop an SRS compatible with the WEB-SRM, see Restaurant Sector (Cloud Solution).

For more information about the new IT solution, see Restaurant Sector.

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From March 1 through October 31, developers of sales recording systems (SRSs) can certify each SRS version they make compatible with a hardware sales recording modules (SRM) used in the restaurant sector.

Certification is granted when an SRS meets our technical specifications and is compatible with the SRM. Certification remains valid as long as the interaction between the SRS and the SRM complies with our specifications.

In addition, we will add the name and certified features of your commercial product(s) to the list of certified SRSs, which is available to all operators of restaurant establishments (bar, restaurant and catering establishments).

Certification process

To certify your SRS, you must:

  1. be registered as a Revenu Québec partner;
  2. access My Account for partners to add resource people we are authorized to communicate with and register the version of the product that you intend to have certified;
  3. complete a Request for a Demo SRM (Hardware Solution) (form SW-53-V) to obtain a demo SRM so that you can create a non-transactional environment;
  4. adapt your SRS according to the specifications given in IN-579-T, General Guide for the Adaptation of Sales Recording Systems (Hardware Solution) (courtesy translation);
  5. carry out test cases using the information in SW-204-V, Test Cases (Hardware Solution) (to do this, you must create a non-transactional environment using a demo SRM);
  6. submit your test cases in the partners testing environment;
  7. see the validation results in the test-case history available in My Account for partners (if your test-case results have errors, see guide SW-206-T, Compliance Testing (Hardware Solution) (courtesy translation) for further instructions); 
  8. once your test-cases are successful, submit a request for certification using My Account, in keeping with the instructions given in guide SW-206-T;
  9. make adjustments to the SRS as needed to meet the requirements we set after analyzing your results.

 For more information about the certification process, see guide SW-201-T, Certification Procedure (Hardware Solution) (courtesy translation).

Guide SW-106-T, General Information for Adapting Sales Recording Systems (Hardware Solution) (courtesy translation), will help you evaluate the efforts required to make your products SRM-compatible so that you can make an informed decision about whether to adapt them.

Certifying a new version of a certified SRS

You must certify a new version of a previously certified SRS only if:

  • it contains changes to its operating mode(s);
  • it contains one or more new features;
  • we ask for a new certification due to technical problems with the SRS.

To certify a new version, complete step 2 and then steps 4 through 9 of the process described above.

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