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Information for SRS Developers – Restaurant Sector (Hardware Solution)

Restaurant establishments (bar, restaurant and catering establishments) subject to the mandatory billing measures in the restaurant sector must use a sales recording system (SRS) to produce bills, which must be given to their customers. 

As an SRS developer, you must ensure that your product is compatible with our technological solutions.

Hardware solution

The solution that has been in place for years in restaurant establishments consists of:

If you want to adapt an existing SRM-compatible SRS, check out this section, which contains information and tools that will help you adapt your products , as well as information about product certification.


As of November 1, 2023, you can no longer register in the Restaurant sector field of activity (hardware solution).

Since that date, a new IT solution based on a cloud environment called the WEB-SRM is gradually replacing the SRM in the restaurant sector.

If you want to develop an SRS compatible with the WEB-SRM, see Restaurant Sector (Cloud Solution).

For more information about the new IT solution, see Restaurant Sector.

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Receipt printer

Most thermal printers used in the restaurant sector are SRM-compatible. For a list of SRM-compatible receipt printers, see SRM-Compatible Printers.

If your receipt printer is not listed, see Receipt Printer Compatibility.

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