New Version of Brochure SW-208 Now Online

We would like to inform you of the new measures we have taken pursuant to the annual update of document SW-208-T, Québec Education Savings Incentive: Interface Transaction Standards (courtesy translation). The goal of these measures is to simplify inter-plan transfer transactions (type 04). We would also like to take this opportunity to explain a new requirement for beneficiaries of family plans. These changes will take effect in November 2018.

To simplify inter-plan transfer transactions (type 04), we have decided to make 25 attributes optional. For example, the "Total amount of transfer" attribute, which is currently required, will become optional.

Regarding the new requirement for beneficiaries of family plans, note that the inter-plan transfer transaction (type 04) will henceforth be required for each beneficiary named in the contract. This applies to both transferor trustees and transferee trustees.

For more details, refer to section 5.4 of SW-208-T.

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