RL-Slips: Principal Changes for the 2017 Taxation Year

New preprogrammed RL slips

We have preprogrammed all RL slips to receive the data that must be entered in the boxes of the slips. The slips are available under Documents in the restricted-access subsection for partners on our website. You can integrate these slips into your software, regardless of the type of RL slip your software generates. The new preprogrammed RL slips meet all the requirements set out in guide IN-412-V, RL Slips: Requirements for Computer-Generated Forms. You must not modify them.

For more information, see Part 3 of guide IN-412-V. For the name of each variable associated with the boxes of the preprogrammed RL slips, refer to SW-241-T, Names of the Boxes of Computer-Generated Preprogrammed RL Slips (courtesy translation).

Certain RL slips renumbered

Certain RL slips that require a two-dimensional data barcode on copy 1 of the slip have been renumbered. Consequently, the RL-1.P, RL-2.P, RL-3.P, RL-15.P, RL-16.P, RL-24.P, RL-25.P and RL-31.P slips are no longer available. They have been renumbered to the RL-1, RL-2, RL-3, RL-15, RL-16, RL-24, RL-25 and RL-31 slips.

Mandatory anchor points

All RL slips generated by your software must now feature anchor points in the upper right and lower left corners. These anchor points accelerate data acquisition.

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