Québec Education Savings Incentive

Partners that develop products for the Québec education savings incentive (QESI) field of activity are:

  • partners that develop or adapt products to enable the electronic data interchange between a trustee participating in the QESI (or the trustee's mandatary) and us; or
  • promoters, trustees and mandataries that want to exchange data with us electronically.

This section contains information about promoters, trustees and mandataries and about the certification process that product developers in the QESI field of activity must go through.


The QESI is a tax measure implemented in 2007 to encourage Québec families to save for their children's and grandchildren's post-secondary education, from their infancy. This measure is a refundable tax credit paid directly into a registered education savings plan (RESP).

No paper documents are used in the administration of the QESI. Data interchange between the trustee or the trustee's mandatary and us is only done electronically.


Products (whether developed or adapted) must use one of the following protocols for flat file data interchange:

  • FTPS
  • Axway/PESIT-TSL

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