Services for Partners

Validated products and registered partners

We publish the following lists of validated products and registered partners on our website:

Restricted-access subsection for partners

All partners have access to the restricted-access subsection for partners, which contains the most recent version of the documents relevant to their field of activity.

There, developers will find the latest version of the following:

  • technical guides required to develop or adapt their products
  • guides that they can use when carrying out tests
  • a calendar showing the availability of the draft and final versions of forms, to help them plan their work 
  • the forms that may be reproduced or developed as draft or final versions

The restricted-access subsection for partners also contains the latest versions of the guides for authorized SRM installers and promoters, trustees and mandataries in the Québec education savings incentive (QESI) field of activity.

You must be registered as a partner and use the user code that we provide to access the restricted-access subsection.

My Account for partners

My Account for partners is a personalized space online where our partners that develop products can manage their accounts in a secure and confidential setting.

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