How the Web Services Work

The diagram below shows how Revenu Québec's Web services typically work.

How the Web services work

  1. Your clients use your software to transmit data to Revenu Québec
  2. The data are sent by Internet to a Revenu Québec Web service. 
  3. After the data are received and validated, the Web service sends them to an in-house Revenu Québec system. 
  4. The data are processed and saved in Revenu Québec's databanks.
The Registraire des entreprises does not follow the typical operational process shown above. For more information, click Web Service Operation – Registraire des entreprises.

Technical requirements

Your software must meet the technical requirements below to be authorized by Revenu Québec. The SOAP envelope you transmit to Revenu Québec must comply with the general technical specifications described below and have all the unique characteristics, if any, of each service.

Type of dataXML types predefined by the W3C
Access to methods.Net Runtime
Communication protocolHTTPS 1.1
SOAP protocolSOAP 1.1
Web Services Description Language (WSDL)WSDL 1.1
WSDL supports attachments in DIME format.
XML encodingUTF-8
Security standard in interfacesWS-I Basic profile
Secure communicationsTLS, HTTPS
AuthenticationBasic Authentication
User code and password encodingBase 64

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