Advantages of Transmitting Data Online

Online data transmission offers your clients numerous advantages.

Shorter processing time

When your product transmits data directly to our systems, processing time is reduced. Your clients receive their notices of assessment and any refunds to which they may be entitled more quickly.

Consultation of transmitted data

Transmitted data are stored on our servers and are available through certain services in My Account for businesses.

Automated filing

Unlike when they file a paper form by mail or use the services in My Account for businesses, your clients do not have to enter the data to be transferred; instead, your product automatically extracts the required data and prepares them for transmission.

Online payment

Clients who have a balance payable can pay that balance using online services.

Online document consultation

Your clients can consult their notice of assessment for the current year and, if applicable, their confirmation of an accelerated refund.

Automated processing

By following each of the steps in the validation process, you ensure that the data transmitted by your clients using your product are received and processed by our systems.

Management of returns to be filed

When a client transmits a return, your product communicates with our systems to verify that the return has not already been sent. This prevents clients from transmitting the same return twice and helps them plan future transmissions.

Transmission of data to the Canada Revenue Agency

In addition to allowing your clients to transmit their data to Revenu Québec, your product could also be used to transfer data to the Canada Revenue Agency. In this way, your clients would fulfill their provincial and federal tax obligations using the same software.


Using online data transmission will save your clients money on paper, printing, photocopying and postage.

Secure transmission

TLS encrypts your information into a more secure format for transmission. Plain text is converted to scrambled code before being transmitted, and then converted back to plain text when it arrives at the other end.

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