Auphan Dining (

Product name:
Auphan Dining
Product version:
Auphan Software Corporation
Certification date:
Certification number:


The certified version of this product has the following characteristics

Operating mode

  • Counter Service
  • Table Service

Certified features

  • Duplicate
  • Reprint
  • Payment Method at Closing Out
  • Discount
  • Delivery
  • Cancel
  • Refund
  • Training Mode
  • Item Sharing
  • Table Transfer
  • Item Transfer
  • Bill Grouping and Sharing

Communication interface

  • Serial


This version meets Revenu Québec's technical requirements and is compatible with version 2.19 of the sales recording module (SRM).


This product is also certified with respect to the serial communication interface of SRM model AEC 6822 C3 1030.

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